Chilote House Shoes

Chilote House Shoes available from Woollykins Australia

Chilote Shoes are smart & beautiful positive impact wool slippers. Hand made in Patagonia through a coop system of ethical production. There is no factory so each pair is made “slow” with care and pride by independent artisan women doing what they know & love – knitting. Co-created with the local community to empower & sustain a unique culture & craft.


Lead artisans are our partners, they work independently orchestrating their local network & production. Our relationship and the pride in their craft is an integral part of the high quality standards of our products. You know what artisan group made each pair by scanning the unique QR codes on the product packaging.


NATURAL RAW SHEEP WOOL: Sourced in Patagonia, it’s natures ideal provider of comfort and warmth, snugly adapting to your feet to keep them insulated yet ventilated.
SALMON LEATHER: This natural leather is very durable yet as soft and flexible as suede. It’s a locally re-purposed & up-cycled renewable material.


AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS: Chilote Shoes have been recogniSed with several design and social innovation awards.
QR CODES: The product codes link to the artisan group you are supporting who crafted your unique pair showing their geo-location in Patagonia.
MATERIAL KIT: Each pair includes an extra salmon leather and wool kit to personaliSe and repair if needed.  

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