Eucalan Clothing Wipes Stain Treating Towelettes (5 pack)


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Eucalan's ingenious individual use Spot Cleaning Wool Wipes are perfect to keep in your handbag for spot cleaning emergencies. Immediate treatment of stains or spillages of food/drinks onto your wool garments is best. 

Eucalan makes eco friendly wool wash enriched with lanolin and natural essential oils. It's a no-rinse formula perfect for handwashing your favourite woollens - see Wool Care section for more information.

Fragrance: Scentless

Sizes: Pack of 5 sachets - 1 stain treating towelette per sachet. 

How to use: unfold wipe and apply by pressing and lifting starting at the outside of the stain working towards the centre. Do not rub wool fibres as friction can cause felting. For best results treat stains while they are still fresh. Safe for all colourfast washable and drycleanable fabrics including wool and silk. Stains like paint, ink and mustard may be impossible to remove.

Made in Canada by Eucalan Inc.

Some eco-friendly laundry tips from Eucalan:

Did you know automatic washing machines account for about 20% of our total indoor water use. 

* Run your washer and dryer at night to ease hydro and water burdens
* Make it a full load or adjust the water level to the amount of laundry
* Spot clean items that are not otherwise dirty (Use Eucalan's spot cleaning stain treating towelettes!) 
* Handwash instead of machine wash with Eucalan
* Pre-treat stains ASAP and let sit for 10 min. prior to laundering
* Using warm or cold water rather than hot
* Add a few drops of Eucalan instead of a fabric conditioner/softener to the rinse water - this avoids build-up that occurs with other fabric softeners (this works especially well on bath towels/bedding - Lavender is the best - it calms and induces sound sleep)

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