About Us

Woollykins Organic Clothing and Nappies for Babies and Children in AustraliaI started Woollykins after we moved to Melbourne from the UK in 2011. I wanted to bring the Disana range to the Australian market after I struggled to find quality merino wool clothing down under, strange as that may seem in one of the largest Merino wool producing countries! 

Our favourite brand Disana specialise in clothing and nappies for babies and toddlers in organic Merino wool. Their textiles carry the GOTS label which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is the industry's highest ecological and socially responsible standard for textiles. This is clothing truly designed with the child in mind. We believe children need clothing that allows them to move, play and breathe so that they can feel comfortable and secure in the world.

I first discovered the benefits of wool for babies and children when my son was born in 2008 and he's been clothed in wool ever since. I particularly fell in love with the Disana brand of clothing with its soft organic merino wool knitted and boiled wool fibres and their incredibly simple, ecological, economical and above all natural nappy system from birth to potty. 

Having tried and tested over 20 different nappy systems I prefer the Disana approach which I found the best for baby's skin, for the environment, easy on the purse, easy to wash and not to mention incredibly cute!

Being interested in sustainable textiles and being a knitter and clothing designer-maker myself I appreciate the softest natural fibres and strongly believe in the importance of wearing natural, organic, untreated fibres against our largest and most sensitive organ, our skin. 

Wool is one of nature's most incredible fibres and with its antibacterial, breathable, water repellent properties it nourishes the skin. Organic cotton is a must when buying cotton as the cotton industry is incredibly reliant on chemicals and pesticides. Raw Silk is a fibre that has many benefits including soothing and healing antimicrobial properties. Read more about these natural fibres.

I hope you will enjoy clothing your child in these wonderful fibres as much as I do. With a little care you'll find these garments will last the test of time and become future heirloom pieces.