• Organic merino wool clothing for babies and children 0-10 years
  • Ethical wool clothing for children aged 0-10 years
  • Thermals and Wool Silk Clothing for Children and Babies
  • Warm feet warm soul, beautiful woollen socks
  • FUB Childrenswear at Woollykins
  • Organic Cloth Nappies with Wool Covers by Disana

We Love Wool. From nappies to the finest Winter woollies, we have found you the most beautiful organic wool clothing for children from birth to 10 years. Everything in the Woollykins range is practical and made to last by ethical and sustainable makers around the world. These are pieces which are destined to become part of your family story. We believe in buying less by buying well and treading lightly on the Earth. Our favourite brands include Disana, Engel Natur, Cosilana, Padraig Cottage, FUB, Haflinger, Hirsch Natur, Collégien, Fog Linen Work, My Alpaca Copenhagen and As We Grow. We hope you and your family love our collection as much as we do.

  • Disana, Engel, Haflinger, Padraig Cottage, Hirsch Natur, Cosilana, Collégien, My Alpaca Copenhagen, As We Grow, FUB Childrenswear Available in Australia from Woollykins