Pickapooh Hats

Since 1991 PICKAPOOH has specialised on the design and hand-production of ecologically sound and high-quality hats and accessories that kids love to wear.
Pickapooh uses only uses organic materials. They live up to strict ecological criteria and social responsibility to the benefit of people, animals, plants and the environment.

They only use organic cotton (kontrolliert biologischer Anbau (kbA)). Organic cotton farming does not use any chemically synthesised fertilisers and pesticides and genetically modified seeds are forbidden. They support fair trade and do business respecting human dignity.

Since 2004 Pickapooh have offered a collection of hats with natural UV protection. There are three different grades of UV protection (UV Protect 20, 60 und 80) – all certified according to the highest standard UV-Standard-801. This standard tests everyday-use conditions. This strict standard exceeds the widely used Australian-New Zealand standard that only tests new and dry textiles. A material with a UPF of 40 according to the Australian-New Zealand Standard falls back to a UPF of 5 when tested according to the UV-Standard-801.